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Meet Dr. Jamie Settimi

Brookfield Chiropractor: Dr. Jamie Settimi

Dr. Jamie Settimi

‘’Chiropractic is key to managing your health. It gives you an alternative to more invasive routes like drugs and surgery.”

Growing up with Chiropractic

“I’ve been involved with chiropractic since I was very young. Both of my parents and two uncles were chiropractors. I remember how my mother would bring me into the office regularly from a young age. I felt so at home there and loved the atmosphere.”

Choosing a Path

While in school, Dr. Settimi was a competitive figure skater and experienced many sports injuries. Under chiropractic care from her parents, she healed much faster than her peers. Dr. Settimi grew up learning and seeing the high value chiropractic brings to lives.
Realizing that her dreams of skating in the Olympics might not come true, Dr. Settimi faced a choice: to join the Ice Capades or go to college. She competed against Dorothy Hamill and even won a tri-state competition, but decided on college.

Skating Through School

Chiropractic seemed like a natural path to Dr. Settimi. She attended Niagara University in Lewiston, NY for her undergraduate education. After, she continued on to chiropractic college at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

She continued figure skating through teaching to pay her way through school. Her chiropractic education was intense, so Dr. Settimi took advantage of the school clinic to get adjustments. The adjustments helped her better handle stress and stay healthy without drugs or medical treatment.

Since graduating Dr. Settimi has taken many post-graduate courses to stay ahead of trends in wellness. She is a certified chiropractic wellness provider.

‘’If drugs were the answer to wellness, the U.S. would be #1 in health. We consume over 60% of pharmaceuticals made in the world and yet we’re #35 in life expectancy amongst industrialized countries.”

Awards and Associations

Dr. Settimi has been awarded special recognition for her dedication to her patients, including:

Wisconsin Chiropractor of the Year in 2009

  • Angie’s List Service Award Recipient in 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Preferred Corporate Wellness Provider

In addition, she is a member of the following organizations to continue her quest in bringing her patients the most up-to-date care and research:

Community Involvement

Dr. Settimi is passionate about our community. At Settimi Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we strive to help those around us. Dr. Settimi biked for many years to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, and was one of the top one hundred fundraisers for eight years running until her knee injury slowed down her biking.

You’ll also see us holding food drives in November (where we’re proud to say we collected more non-perishable food items than the local grocery store did a few years ago!), and collecting winter coats for women who are victims of domestic abuse. Our collections are open to the public and we encourage everyone to participate.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Settimi exercises several days per week, walking, biking, doing yoga or weightlifting. She and her husband have two daughters who were both adopted from China. If you know someone who’s considering international adoption, Dr. Settimi is happy to share her story and experience gained over the years from the adoption world.

We also mentor local high school and college students interested in the chiropractic profession. Just give us a call and we’ll talk to you about coming in to shadow Dr. Settimi.

Dr. Settimi is here to share compassionate health care with you.

Give us a call today to start! (262) 789-0576